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Support Services

Great experiences are shared, which is why our Customer Experience Team is here to ensure your material handling investments are supported with best in class options for 24x7 technical support, parts, training, assessments, and modifications or upgrades. We are here to support you in helping your clients reach their operational goals.

Jeff K - Engineering - Phoenix Closures

"...They're within the top 5, they are a great integrator to work with, a great installing team, and are very professional people."


Technical Support

If your client's system happens to experience an outage, quick access to knowledgeable, trained support engineers to get their system back to full operations is critical. 

Our in-house 24x7 technical support team is just a phone call, email, online form, or a chat away. Support is available in two tiers: Basic for operations needing support Monday thru Friday 8AM-5PM Eastern or Total for 24x7 availability. Our support contacts are handled by you, the integrator.


With a technical support contract, your clients will have access to the CX Customer Portal, an incident management system that provides total transparency for incident resolution, documenting all steps taken to resolve issues, ticket escalation and auto email notifications for when your tickets change status. Better yet, you will have the same access and visibility as your clients.




The easiest way to help your clients avoid unplanned downtime is to have parts on site to support the system should a failure occur. Not sure which parts are needed or how much your client should stock? We can help you choose the appropriate stocking plan to recommend prior to system go-live to fit your client's budget and maintenance goals. Supporting your client's installed system? If you know what you need, you can visit our online store to order parts. Not sure what is needed? We have experienced parts specialists available to help, just give us a call. 

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Manuals & Downloads

Learning how to safely operate, maintain and troubleshoot a material handling system is important for your client's success. We provide a combination of manuals and hands on training videos with system turnover. Looking for specifications and available product configurations? See our product catalogs to help you select options to fit your client's needs.

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As systems age and experience normal wear and tear, it is sometimes difficult to operate them reliably and with a predictable budget. Regular assessments are valuable resource planning and downtime avoidance tools. Our experienced assessors will work as part of your team and provide a thorough examination of all critical components of a system, delivering a preliminary finding report (with your letter head) prior to leaving site. We will later follow up with a thorough assessment report to help you with lifecycle and maintenance planning for your client.


Modifications & Upgrades

One thing we know for certain is that business changes. Over time, as operational objectives and strategies change, modifications will be needed for material handling system to solve the new challenges. As technology improves, upgrades become available to help reduce costs, energy usage and to avoid obsolescence. Our Mods & Upgrades Team can offer you help with system operation, software, controls and hardware technology to help your clients grow as their needs change. 

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