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Specialty Solutions

We understand that when solving client’s solutions there may not be an off the shelf solutions for you to apply.  Our mechanical, electrical and application engineers are equal parts creative whiz kids and mathematical masterminds with the critical thinking skills needed to help analyze, evaluate and create a winning system.

We know the right design for a manufacturing, distribution or warehousing facility can save millions over the course of its operation. Reaching that goal means having close collaboration and asking the right questions upfront to help eliminate expensive changes on the backend.  If you’ve been told “it can’t be done,” it’s time to give us a call.

Contact your account manager for more information on how we with help with engineered specialty solutions.

stainless steel.png

Stainless Steel

  • Wash Down

  • Food Grade

  • IP67 Rated

  • Non-Corrosive


Federal Conveyor – 24V DC

  • Straight

  • Curve

  • Merge

  • Tight Radius Merge

  • Turntable Divert

  • Lift Gate

  • Spiral

  • Tight Radius Spiral


Tire Handling

  • Medium to heavy loads up to 400lbs

  • Ideal for harsh environments like tire handling and manufacturing

  • Zone Length: 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”

  • Between Frames Width (BF): 
    24”, 27”, 30”, 33”, 36”, 39”, 42”
    (overall width is 3” wider than the BF)


Intralox Modular Belt Conveyor

  • Tranverse Roller Top Conveyor (TRT)

  • Omni Directional Sorter (ODS)

  • Curves

paper handling.png

Helix Case Flipper

  • 14’ long 24VDC MDR conveyor

  • Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation

  • Multiple offset distances available

  • Non accumulating zones

  • Factory wired and programmed before shipment

  • All I/O devices wired to a built in control panel

  • Speed 60 to 180 fpm

  • Capacity 5 to 60lbs per carton


Vertical Switch

  • 90” long gate with 30” tangent MDR belted conveyor

  • Pneumatic operated with Gas Spring assist

  • Factory wired and tested before shipment

  • Includes control panel with stack light

  • Customer needs to provide a direction signal for auto mode

  • Local buttons included for manual operation

  • Includes all guarding to meet OSHA regulations

  • Speed 60 to 180 fpm

  • Capacity 5 to 60lbs


Turn Table

  • 48” length MDR conveyor

  • Multiple widths available

  • Rotary actuator with 0 to 180 degree rotation

  • Single solenoid to control actuator

  • Operating pressure 80 psi

  • Up to 60lbs

  • I/O wired to terminal strip to simplify installation

  • External PLC or local 3G Smartcard controls available

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