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A warehouse execution system (WES) that organizes workflow and assignments; coordinating people, process and automation equipment to influence operational outcomes.

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Solutions are designed from standard modules to create a client-specific solution. The system provides automatic efficient execution of user tasks and fulfillment operations to get work done quickly and correctly.

  • High-Speed, Multidirectional Communication Broker

  • Advanced Reporting and Data Analytics

  • Modern Web-Based User Interface

  • Warehouse Process Execution

  • Order and Wave Management

  • Automation System Management

  • Fulfillment Operations

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Warehousing inventory and order fulfillment operational needs from receiving to shipping and everything in between.

  • Location Management 

  • Inventory Management 

  • Receiving and Put-away 

  • Batch and Wave Management 

  • Directed Order Fulfillment 

  • Pallet, Full Case and Each Movement

  • Rate Shopping 

  • Shipping and Manifesting 

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Integrates material handling equipment and automation devices coordinating user tasks with automation. 

  • Goods-to-Operator

  • RF Directed  

  • Pick-to-Tablet 

  • Voice Directed  

  • Pick and Put-to-Light Directed 

  • Routing for Orders, Totes and Cartons

  • Automated Print and Apply

  • Robotic Pallet Layer Picking and Load Forming 

  • AGV Management 

  • ASRS Management 

Why SmartMoves-WX  WES


  • Distributed scalable architecture easily adapts to a wide range of warehousing needs, allows a tailored solution built from standard software modules 

  • Batch or waveless order fulfillment processing to match business needs, including direct-to-consumer and omnichannel fulfillment demands 

  • Mobile interface allows visibility to production and system health anywhere in the building

  • Based on 20 years of system experience, processes and interfaces are designed hardware agnostic, allowing for integration of most OEM hardware 

  • Extensive OEM equipment integration experience – see our list here 

  • Can be run on customer VM environment, providing failover, security and overall control 

  • Blends WMS and WCS functionality to harvest both transactional systems data and user activity to drive valuable data driven analytics  

  • Comparison of performance to goal for tasks and fulfillment activities can eliminate the need for expensive third-party labor management systems 

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