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Series 2000

The Series 2000 MDR conveyors have been operational in manufacturing facilities across the United States. Our customers are extremely satisfied with our service and overall operation of the systems. There's documented evidence that these systems have significantly saved companies money in energy consumption and maintenance.

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Pre-Engineered high tension poly-V drive conveyor modules are designed for handling up to 500lbs. Series 2000 features 2.5” diameter rollers with ABEC bearings, flange mount high torque gearless motor, ZPA run-on-demand controls, and 15” to 36” between frames pre-wired and tested.

Energy Saving - Maximum returns with energy saving up to 6%


Rear Side Drive - Being thinner the rear side can be used to drive additional accessories / idlers without affecting life


Higher Bearing Life - Lesser static tension gives higher bearing life

Compact Drive - Poly-V belt is highly flexible and hence can be used with smaller pulley diameters to give a lighter and compact drive


Higher Power - 40% higher power rating per unit width compared to conventional V-belts


Zero Slippage - Almost eliminates the slippage due to maximum wedge contact on the pulleys

Silent Drive - Gives vibration and noise free power transmission in every application

Series 2000 HCAT.jpg
Series 2000 Intermediate.jpg

Poly-V Intermediate

  • Used for transportation and accumulation

  • Accumulation is standard

  • Embedded photo sensors

Poly-V Transfer

  • 90º Transfer

  • 32.5" inside radius

  • Accumulation is standard

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