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Project Services

Whether it’s a new installation, design adjustment, a retrofit or an emergency repair - our engineering, installation and field service technicians are masters in customer service. Their advanced product training and technical skills ensure your material handling system will be installed, configured and calibrated to your complete satisfaction.

Dan H - CEO - Numina Group

“I think we know once we do a design and we release a system design that it's going to be built to standards, it's going to be wired correctly, it's going to get delivered on time, and their team for install support are right there when the product lands on the site.”

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You expect on-time projects that deliver the promised results. Our account manager will work with your team to make sure you have the tools, training and materials needed to design winning solutions.




Our mechanical, electrical and application engineers possess a strong analytical aptitude, but still care deeply about the minute details that make our team stand apart from other manufacturers. Equal parts creative whiz kids and mathematical masterminds; they are critical thinkers who possess all the skills needed to analyze, evaluate and recommend changes for a winning system. They possess a vast amount of technical knowledge in all areas of material handling including conveyor modules, power and panels, communications and IO, programming and controls. To stay on top of new industry developments, they routinely take part in continuing education.




We know it’s difficult to find and retain skilled, experienced technicians; and it can be challenging to meet customer’s schedules. We have a team of expert service technicians with decades of material handling experience available to help you tackle projects.

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Our controls can be used for all types of project sizes and client's needs. Whether your application uses our H-20 Auto, Flex, Full Control MDR or system level PLCs, our controls team is ready to help. We are known for being good partners, sharing system design knowledge and feedback on how to best approach control applications.

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Our installation team uses a proven approach based on years of experience to help you make sure your go-lives are successful. Our team can provide multiple levels of validation, commissioning and testing including being onsite during and after go-live events.

Krish N - CEO - SDI Industries

“...after-sales support is tremendous, we get a very quick response when we have a challenge”

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