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Series K

Series K conveyor is traditional AC motor powered belt line and has been operational in manufacturing facilities across the United States for years. It provides conventional conveyor alternative for systems needing belt, live roller and empty corrugate applications.

Series K System Overview

BOR (Belt On Roller) and BOS (Belt On Slider) modules can be used in transportation, incline/decline, merging, gapping, sortation, and scanning applications.

ECC (Empty Carton Conveyor) modules can be used in package handling, raw material handling and small part handling - such as polybags and jiffys. 


  • Belt options: Smooth, Slick, Longitudinal Ribbed,
    and Quad Top (others by request)

  • Up to 7.5 HP Motors Available

  • Speeds available up to 300 FPM

  • Standard Frame Depth of 5.25"
    (except Drives and Take Ups)

  • Motor Control: Allen Bradley 140M; Contactor for e-stop; VFD Allen Bradley 525; Ethernet/IP​

  • Photoeye(s): Start/End/Customer Location or None – Allen Bradley 42EF; Jam Photo eye's; Line full Photo eye's


  • Pan Guard Rail Options from 2.25" to 48" tall — Straight and flared options with transitions

  • Formed Plastic Bottom Guards

  • Belt Retention Guides

BOR render cropped.png

Belt Conveyor

Belt on Roller (BOR) and Belt on Slider (BOS) transportation modules are available in widths, lengths you need for your high-speed, light to medium duty distribution system. These low maintenance modules are easily configurable to achieve the desired function: transportation, incline/decline, merging, gapping, and scanning applications. They can convey any flat-bottomed product in a large variety of sizes, weights, and compositions – ideal for package, tote, carton, and polybag handling.


ecc render.PNG

Empty Carton Conveyor

Empty Carton Conveyor (ECC) transportation modules are available in widths and lengths you need in order to convey empty corrugate, dunnage, boxes, polybags, or other bulk transportation items. The wide belt and combination of rollers between slider pans allow for the dependable transportation of a wide array of conveyables while maximizing the unit’s length. Our innovative transition module, the Waterfall, allows for units to dependably transfer products between two units without changing elevaton.   


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