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Motorized Roller Controls

We took the time to listen to our customers and businesses with material handling needs. We understand the vast variety of control options out there.​ We wanted to simplify the complicated control platforms, but still adapt to the scope of any project and every type of customer. 

Controls Module Overview

Our controls can be used for all types of project sizes and customer needs. Designing them to be interchangeable, expandable and always ready for future automation. Auto, Flex, and Full Control can be mixed and matched for the most flexible and efficient project requirements.

H20 ZPA Logic Motor Control Module-cropped copy.png

H-20 Auto

The H-20 Auto motor control module is a field module with two sensor inputs and two electronic outputs for controlling 24 VDC roller motors. The module can control two consecutive zones of an accumulating conveyor section. 

  • 2 zone controller, no programming required

  • Mode, speed, and acceleration/deceleration selection without programming

  • Standard Singulation, Enhanced “Auto-Slug”  or Transportation

  • ​Quick connects for photo eyes, motorized rollers and zone controllers

  • Factory mounted for quick installation

  • CE Stamped



H-20 Flex

The H-20 Flex motor control card (OCTO-24 PLC) is a smart ethernet programmable controller that provides networked 24V digital I/O for MDR powered roller conveyor systems using the H-20 ZPA cards, as well as general purpose fast local/remote machine I/O. These devices are fully programmable for any type of control application, and can act as a programmable master device, or a slaved remote I/O device.

  • AUTO manages flow, FLEX provides decision points

  • Decision logic onboard or by system level PLC

  • Hardwire or ethernet interface (EtherNet/IP, Mobus TCP, or ProfiNet)

  • Slave up to 8 cards a single Remote IO node

  • Standalone Programable Device

    • Local IO (8 In, 8 Out)

    • Remote IO Control Words - varies by network

    • 2 Ethernet Ports – allows daisy chaining modules

    • 24VDC Power

    • SuperLogicPro Software (FREE)


H-20 Full Control Module.png

H-20 Full Control

The H-20 Full Control Card is a MDR two-zone controller that acts as a remote IO connection allowing Integrator’s to use our control services or develop their own Programable Logic Controllers (PLCs) control and visibility strategies.  The H-20 Full Control card provides quick connections for sensors, motors, power and communications allowing for flexible and quick installation. Conveyor networks are connected via industry standard EtherNet/IP gateways. H-20 Full Control provides the ultimate in easy installation, as well as the power and flexibility of system level PLC zone control.

  • System Level Control MDR Control – integrator or Hilmot supplied

  • System level visibility, logic control, speed, and acceleration settings

  • ASi network connected to EtherNet/IP Gateway

  • Factory mounted dual zone control modulesQuick installation

  • Integral cable management

  • Auto-configured replacement cards

  • CE Stamped


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