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Full Width Belt Sorter

The Full Width Belt Sorter providers reliable sortation of cartons, totes and trays up to 70 cpm.  The sorter is designed with a belted transportation surface and multiple 30° wheeled divert mechanisms that avoid tilting cartons, allowing boxes or trays with open tops to be handled.

Wide Belt.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 3.34.10 PM.png

Up to 120' or 12 sortation locations

  • Currently available at 24", 27" and 30" BF

  • Available above 24" TOB

  • Left or Right Diverts at 30º

  • Multiple sorters can be installed end-to-end to achieve a longer sortation line

Up to 70 CPM Sortation (16" average carton)

  • Carton, Totes and Trays

  • 9" x 6" minimum carton size

  • 30" minimum gap

  • Up to 300 fpm

  • Maximum 25lbs/ft or 60lb product

Sorter Render.png


  • Speed: 150–300 FPM

  • Low noise at the highest throughput

  • Precise control trajectories

  • Modular design – minimal
    spare parts

  • Proven technology for medium
    to high throughput

  • 3 to 5 horsepower drive motor helps provide longer and faster belts


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