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Hilmot: A Relationship Building, Problem Solving, Customer Service Powerhouse. Our goal is simple; earn every customer’s complete satisfaction by delivering designs, applications, installations and service that are one notch better than they expected.

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Pushing the Innovation Envelope for MDR Applications. The only way to keep exceeding our customers’ expectations is to continuously evolve the design of our products. We always come through for our customers because we are specialists in MDR and we know how to apply it.

We have become a proven industry leader in applying motorized rollers into material handling products and applications. We understand vertical integration and can design MDR products for applications that other manufacturers would run from.

If you worry about high-maintenance conveyors and high-tech installations, Hilmot’s network  designs proactively diagnose and pinpoint repairs; and our interchangeable, modular designs possess out-of the box functionality.

Service / Installation


Hilmot and our highly trained technicians are passionate about providing the highest level of service; every detail and every customer is our priority.


Our Installation team members come to you, in your location, offering preventative maintenance services as well as periodic "refresher" training for your staff.

Each layer of a Hilmot MDR module is engineered to be mixed together seamlessly; but still remain independent to maximize flexibility on the floor. You can mix and match how you power and control individual modules independent of the other layers of your system.

Our experienced engineering team is ready to take on the hardest jobs while consistently inventing and staying innovative.  

Customer Service

 “Redefining Conveyor” by Defining the Customer Experience. We have all the professional services and manufacturing capabilities you need to create a system that lowers your total system costs and boosts your overall line efficiency.


Our people are experts in designing, manufacturing, testing, programming, installing and supporting your system all the way through; and we hit our deliveries.

Solutions / Commitment

"Our commitment is to earn your complete satisfaction through the proper design, application, installation and service of conveyor equipment & systems."


Your Ideal Mix & Match MDR Solution. Begin simplifying your operation with Hilmot’s interchangeable, modular designs. Hilmot conveyors give you the exact fix you need with almost no limitations. Interchangeable, modular designs are available in kits; and one configurable model number has all the required parts you need to keep your installations well timed and stress free.



Hilmot offers its customers a comprehensive range of products and services including our standard and specialty Motorized Drive Roller (MDR) conveyor equipment, MDR conveyor control system design and layout. We offer our customers solutions using the latest in 3D CAD technology. We also provide on-site training for your staff and preventative maintenance programs if requested. Below is a list of services performed before, during and after purchasing an MDR system from Hilmot.

Facilities Design with MDR

There is no doubting that properly designed facility layouts and material handling systems increase your profits. Warehousing, Distribution and Manufacturing operations need to maximize productivity, enhance customer service and satisfaction, while increasing throughput and minimizing operational expenses. It's where your profits are realized and how your company can pull ahead of the competition in a tough market.




Our mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering staff  will assist you in finding the best possible solution to your MDR conveyor requirements. Each project's requirements and specifications are determined and documented in group meetings and correspondence with our customer's staff. Based on the project specifications and requirements, our project engineer will develop a detailed MDR project proposal. The proposal will detail project pricing, delivery dates, services, parts lists, and terms and conditions. Many times different options to a proposal will be offered based on variable solutions, time-tables, and cost constraints.

Control Design

In today's marketplace, it is difficult to maintain a high level of expertise in all of the various disciplines that are necessary to analyze, design, build and support these highly complex systems. Hilmot has developed standard MDR control packages and we maintain these standards and capabilities under one roof. This is the only way to truly provide Total Solutions - Total Responsibility - Total Success.

Our highly trained staff of Electrical and Controls Engineers is experienced in some of the most sophisticated technologies that are being utilized in today's ever-changing, electronic-rich environment.

Project Management

Hilmot understands the shared responsibility and close cooperation with our customers to successfully realize a project. In order to carry your project through, a single competent contact person will be there to assist you in all matters involving coordination, planning and project accomplishment. In addition, the Sales person will stay in close communication with the customer to ensure regular communication and satisfaction.


Whether services are supplied by Hilmot or by external specialists, experienced project managers accompany the project team through the entire realization phase and ensure that the completion schedule is adhered to.

Maintenance & Training

We will draw up a report detailing the current state of your warehouse components with recommendations for maintenance work and/or replacement of components. Find out all you need to know from our team at Hilmot when it comes to choosing a service package - whether a contract-based service or an "as and when" service.


The viability of your system also depends on the knowledge of those taking care of it. Hilmot systems are extremely user-friendly. Detailed documentation also makes light of working with the system. Passing on knowledge - whether large in scale or small in detail - is always of value. We offer periodic "refresher" training as well as one-off events whose themes can be jointly decided. Training can take place at either Hilmot's headquarters in Waukesha Wisconsin or at your warehouse.


Whether you need mechanical, electrical, hardware technicians or software specialists, our own highly qualified staff can install and commission your system. Entirely new installations, MDR retrofit modernizations within an operating warehouse, or the fitting and adaptation of highly complex systems continually challenge us to provide the best possible customer satisfaction.

The Hilmot installation organization employs experienced highly-trained technicians. The wide-ranging qualifications of our staff translates into extensive know-how in all specialized areas of MDR systems.

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