Hilmot MDR Controls

A typical Hilmot MDR system uses rollers that include 24VDC brushless and 24 Volt Gearless motors. This roller is connected to slaved rollers with urethane belts. Photo-eyes are used to detect product, and provide accumulation control.


When considering Hilmot MDR applications, several design criteria must be established to provide a system that will meet short and long term needs. Hilmot offers several control options for Hilmot MDR, with varying costs and flexibility. Careful initial planning will ensure that the system will meet projected needs.


The first consideration should be power distribution. Unlike a typical conveyor installation, where 480VAC is delivered to widely distributed AC motors, Hilmot MDR applications require 24VDC with relatively high current capacity at every conveyor section.


A typical 10' bed with 30" zones will require 4 motorized rollers, each demanding about 3 amps at 24VDC, so we typically provide 12 amps capacity per 10 foot of conveyor. To deliver this power, we factory locate and wire (1) power supply per 30 zones. Installation time and cost are significantly reduced, as once the beds are installed.

Smart-3G - Ethernet Programmable Controller Manual

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