Who Is Hilmot?


Hilmot offers Motorized Drive Roller (MDR) Conveyor solutions for all of your material handling needs.


From product packing and processing to transportation and sortation, Hilmot provides MDR conveyor equipment solutions
that enable you to dramatically
cut costs.

Hilmot Service

Inspection Reports, Replacement
of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, Routine Maintenance.

Hilmot Full Control H20 System

An overview of our full control design and how the system runs.

Hilmot - MDR High Speed
Electric Transfer

An overview of our HCAT modules.


HCAT90 Maintenance

HCAT30 Maintenance

Replacing an MDR in a Transfer

Changing Out a G20 Drive Card


"Procedure for changing out one bad drive card. Multiple bad cards on the same network will need to be addressed with the handheld programmer."

Bump Test and Dip Switch EC310

Replacing an MDR EC310

Troubleshooting a Fault
and Replacing a EC310 Card

Replacing an MDR
(Motorized Drive Roller)

Air Regulator Replacement

Replacing a Drive Card


Changing a Photo Eye
and a EC310 MDR on
a G20 Drive Card System

Sensor Bar
(Includes working with a Transfer)


Replace a Photo Eye with a Sensor Bar on a Transfer


Overview of G20 Cards
& Handheld Programmer

Setting the IP address
for an AS-Interface
Ethernet/IP Gateway

Step 1:
   Install Conveyor
   Control Program

Step 2:
   Update Driver

Step 3:

   Constructing the Conveyor

Step 4:

   Addressing the Cards

Step 5:

   Setting Up Parameters
   & Download


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