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Installation, Configuration, & Support Material 

Based on Trew’s popular Series 1500 Motorized Roller, MoveIT-Max™ adds special built-in factory features that simplify and speed installation while providing flexible system layouts featuring transportation and manual sortation. Quick to install, quick to re-configure, mobile modular transportation conveyor.

Mix and match MoveIT-Max modules to create applications. Modules are assembled ready for to be wheeled into place and connected. Modules are assembled with folding legs with casters, pre-wired and "connectorized" for quick Module to module connections.

MoveIT-Max System Overview

This page provides a quick overview of MoveIT-Max and installation quick how-to videos. If you have additional questions please refer to the manual linked at the bottom of this page or contact our support team.

Step 1 - Unstacking Shipments

The conveyor sections will typically be stacked with their support legs folded beneath them, allowing each section to be safely removed using a fork truck. When picking up a conveyor bed with a Fork Truck, watch out for the junction box located directly underneath, as it sits lower than the conveyor frame and could be damaged. 

Step 2 - Connecting Beds (Line of Sight)

There are two types of beds on the MoveIT-Max called the “Parent” and “Children” beds, usually seen with multiple "children" beds attached to a "parent" bed. The “parent” beds have the main power supply mounted underneath, while the “children’s” beds are connected to a “parent” bed by a control cable. 

Step 3 - Connecting Beds (Electrically)

A total of 7 beds (36 motors) can be powered off a power supply (6 children and 1 parent). Each bed has a female connection on the discharge and a male connection on the infeed inside the rail for the smaller control circuit M12 plug. There is a maximum of 4 beds (18 motors) allowed on a single circuit.

Step 4 - Power Supply Connections & Components

The main enclosure for the MoveIT-Max is located under each “parent” bed and provides power for the connected “children” beds. 

Step 5 - Junction Box Jumper Placement

The Junction Box enables you to choose which circuit off the DC Bus is powering the conveyor bed. Select between the provided circuits (Circuit 1 and Circuit 2) by inserting the terminal jumper between the rail and desired circuit. 

Step 6 - Overview of Drive Card LEDs

The Drive Card LEDs indicate the MoveIT-Max is fully functioning and help identify and troubleshoot any problems. 

Step 7 - Operating Instructions (Starting & Stopping)

A start/stop switch is located on the corner of each bed. When green, the conveyor is continuously running. To turn the conveyor off, push the green button in, and the light will illuminate red, cutting off the power to the card. 

Step 8 - Configuring Conveyor Speed

Conveyor modules are shipped from the factory preset to specific speeds by module.  Speeds of the conveyor beds may or may not need to be adjusted at site.  Conveyor speeds can be adjusted using dials on the backside of the H20 Auto conveyor control cards and/or software. 


Please review the manual for complete installation instructions; including module, accessory, guard rail, side cover, etc

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