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Hilmot MDR High Speed Electric Transfer (HCAT90)

The Hilmot MDR high speed electric transfer (HCAT90) provides a 90 degree right angle transfer for package and tote handling application. The HCAT is available in several standard widths from 15" to 36" BF (18” to 39” OAW) and 24”, 30”, or 36” zone lengths.  The design has a low profile frame allowing for easy stacking of multi level conveyor lines.  Based on the application requirements the HCAT handles rates up to 40 products per minute and minimum package sizes of 9” long by 9” wide.  The HCAT utilizes a total of three MDR to provide motion of the rollers, belts, and lifting motion.   There is no electric actuator or pneumatic cylinder reducing overall project cost and installation effort.  

60 lb capacity


The HCAT come standard with:


  • Built-in sensor bar, one per zone at zone in-feed

  • Pre-wired for factory testing and quick installation

  • Motorized rollers 24VDC brushless, 1.9” Diameter

  • Shroud or fascia

  • Networked with bus technology available upon request

  • Precision bearings in the idler rollers



(For standard pricing or for custom requirements consult your sales rep)

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