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Product Spotlight - ASi Control

The H-20 Full Control motor card is a two zone controller that has a smaller footprint and can fit almost anywhere - including curves and spirals. The H-20 Full Control card has built-in cables, eliminating the need for the sensor, motors and extension cables compared to a four zone controller. The control card maximizes usage per card, as the two zone controller proves to be more flexible and minimizes unused zone control.

  • Ease of cable management -built-in side frame design

  • Reduction of EthernetIP master devices

  • Reduction of ethernet cables - one per card - cost saving

  • No network switch needed

Key Features & Benefits

  • Durable plastic housing in a one-piece design

  • RA/B slave with extended addressing

  • Possibility for up to 62 H20 modules per network / 124 H20 modules per Gateway

  • Connection of motors and sensors via M8 connectors
    ​(2) Inputs for 3-wire sensors (2) Outputs for DC roller motors (drum motors)

  • Configurable start/stop ramps

  • Power supply of the inputs and outputs from the external auxiliary voltage

H-20 Full Control Module.jpg

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