• 60 lb Capacity

Hilmot Series 1000 Full Width Belted Zone Motorized Roller is available in various configurations to support numerous system applications. It is designed to be quiet, safe, low- to-no maintenance, high speed and non-contact zero pressure accumulation. The advantages of using Hilmot’s MDR conveyors over conventional conveyors such as belt driven live roller and line shaft conveyors are;

  • Hilmot’s conveyor operates at an extremely quiet OSHA approved sound level ranging between 60-65 Db . Because our conveyors run-on-demand there is no sound when the zones are in accumulation mode, or when product is not present.

  • Minimal scheduled maintenance/lower operating cost. Simple installation/lower cost

  • Improves working environment (quieter, safer, better ergonomics and cleaner operation)

  • Lower power consumption, when comparing actual power consumption of Hilmot conveyors to conventional conveyors with same or similar throughputs, Hilmot’s series 1000 conveyors consumed on average 30-50% of what a comparable 460 Volt 3 Phase system would consume. This can represent a significant savings that is not often considered.

  • Pre engineered wire schematics for all modules using our Super Card or AB 1799 card. Each section is pre wired and tested prior to shipment from our assembly facility.

Belted Intermediate

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