Heavy Duty - SERIES 3000 Chain Driven

Hilmot Heavy Duty -Series 3000 Chain Driven Motorized Roller Conveyor is available in various configurations to support numerous manufacturing system applications. It is designed to be quiet, safe, low-to-no maintenance, non-contact zero pressure accumulation for work in harsher environments

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  • Heavy Duty Series 3000 Chain Drive Conveyor Modules

  • 2.5” diameter rollers with Abec Bearings

  • #40 chain sprockets

  • Roller to roller chain enclosed in chain box

  • Ability for build in controls or use a remote PLC

  • 15” to 54” Effective Width (EW)

  • Speed 52 FPM

  • Hilmot’s conveyor has an extremely quiet OSHA approved sound level ranging between 55-65 Db . Because our conveyors run-on-demand there is no sound when the zones are in accumulation mode, or when product is not present.


  • Minimal scheduled maintenance/lower operating cost, less moving parts. Simple installation/lower cost


  • Improves working environment (quieter, safer, better ergonomics and cleaner operation)


  • Lower power consumption, when comparing actual power consumption of Hilmot conveyors to conventional conveyors with same or similar throughputs, Hilmot’s conveyors consume on average 30-70% of what a comparable 460 Volt 3 Phase system would consume. This can represent a significant savings that is not often considered.


  • Pre engineered wire schematics for all modules. Each section is pre wired and tested before being shipped from our assembly facility.



Conveyor Bed Section: Rollers Low in Frame: 7 1/2” Deep x 2” Flange x 7 Gauge channel frame. Includes side covers.


Rollers: 2.5” Diameter, 7 Gauge, carrying roller with 11/16” hex axle. With ABEC High Speed bearings


Drive Rollers: Interroll or Itoh 24VDC Brushless Motor Driven Rollers per accumulation Zone. Includes wire harness and motor control card.


Sensor: Rollers LIF: Side-mounted 24VDC polarized retro reflective photo-eye.


Taper Hex Axle: Conductive plastic Axle isolates carrying roller axles from the conveyor frame to reduce noise and prevent wear.


Finish: Conductive powder coated paint to prevent static

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